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Handmade Lighting (Made with SWAROVSKI Elements) 2


Dits Lighting - Welcome to our official online shop

Our company has been operating in the field of decoration, domestic and professional lighting in Greece and abroad for the last 40 years. In our online store you will find a wide variety of special Handmade SWAROVSKI® lighting, architectural and contemporary interior lighting fixtures, as well as luminaires for outdoor environments, all conformed to international quality standards.

Dits Lighting is the exclusive authorized distributor of the official SWAROVSKI® lighting products. This unique collection comprises of complementary lighting fixtures like the Swarovski crystal downlights & spots, the crystal fiber optics, the crystal LEDs, the crystal panels, as well as special crystal pendant luminaires, all of original Austrian design and construction. Dits Lighting is also specialised in the development of custom-designed handmade lighting, enriched with the authentic SWAROVSKI® crystals, according to each customer's unique request. In this way, we can implement your own idea in unique structures that can fit perfectly in your space.

Our handmade creations include spotlight track systems, recessed downlights, wall light fixtures, as well as ceiling, floor, table and pendant luminaires of flexible designs in order to meet your needs.

For architectural, classical or traditional lighting of superior European quality, please browse through our exclusive collections  on the left menu, for a wide variety of Swarovski lighting, kids bedroom lighting, modern, classical chandeliers and outdoor lighting.

Feel free to browse our online store and flick through our catalogue!